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Tired of lazy, naive, incomprehensible and generally stupid questions that get asked in any and all of the New York related communites out there?

So are we.

So, we decided that there was only one thing to be done, and that was create the community you see here. Modeled after the mighty domestic_snark, nyc_snark aims to give you the same kind of safe haven for all of your smart-ass city-related commentary.

We're looking for a few snarky New Yorkers! If you:

  • are annoyed by stupid questions ...and even more annoyed when others don't get your sarcastic reply

  • ever wanted to throttle anyone who can't manage a basic google/hopstop/craigslist search

  • think the First Amendment should not apply to bad grammar or chat-speak

  • believe that if you have the nerve to preface a question with "I know this is stupid, but..." that you should expect to be snarked

  • snicker under your breath at anybody who considers the Olive Garden in Times Square to be real Italian cuisine

  • wouldn't tell that NYU freshman where to get a fake ID, even if you did know

  • have the skills and creativity to snark with the best of them

We want YOU! Join today!

For more information, and our community rules, here's our FAQ. Please read it before you join. If you've already joined, please read it before you post.

Admin. Note (5/23/07): This community is first and foremost New York-related. If you do not appear to have any connection to the area, or to any of the dozens of NYC-related LJ communities from which we draw most of our material, your request to join may be rejected. Please don't take this personally.

Happy Snarking!