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One Lab Accident Away From Becoming a Supervillain


What is nyc_snark?
nyc_snark is a community for expressing your frustration with the stupidity of the masses, in a creative fashion.

Who are the community moderators?
Your mods are offbalance and blergeatkitty (heretoafter known as "The Mods"). Anyone else is just faking it.

Do The Mods actually talk about what goes on here?
Yes, between e-mail, IM, and chat, they tend to be pretty up to date. And if they aren't talking, then they rely heavily on the Psychic Friends Network.

What exactly are we allowed to snark?
Anything that has been posted in a topically-related LJ community, or anything on-topic that you find elsewhere on the Internet or in your everyday life.

Is there anything we are not allowed to snark?
There is to be NO snarking of posts in personal LJs. And when snarking a community post limit your snarking to the content of the post – no personal attacks. And anything violating the LJ TOS is forbidden.

How did this community start?
Sometime, not too long ago, in a galaxy close by, blergeatkitty and offbalance were discussing the awesomeness that is domestic_snark and realized that there was no community that allowed for the snarking of posts from the related New York communities, a bastion of stupid questions since their creation in LJ-land. We decided that it was a void that needed to be filled, so we did.

What’s your position on fake posts in the communities that we snark?
It’s inappropriate and it promotes the kind of behavior that we complain about and snark in the first place. We do not condone it. If you go ahead and make fake posts anyway, we will not defend you. You are on your own. In addition, any posts to nyc_snark that link to fake posts will be deleted.

Any other rules we should be aware of?

absolutely NO WHINING, chat speak or image/long posts without cuts

Please look before you snark, to make sure you’re not repeating anything. Especially if the post you're snarking is being snarked because it's a repeated post. :) (thank you, faecat)

It's about quality, not quantity. We would rather see one post a month of truly creative snarking than 20 posts a day of mediocre snarking.

Your post must be a REAL SNARK, not just whining about the state of affairs in whatever community. That's what your personal LJ is for.

If you find something within nyc_snark to be offensive, DO NOT just whine about it in a post (see above). Please take your issue up with The Mods.

Snarking of The Mods is forbidden, because we're The Mods and this is no freaking democracy...

What happens if we break a rule?
We drown you in the Gowanus canal.

No, seriously.
We might give you a warning, depending on the offense and/or if we're feeling benevolent. After that, we drown you in the Gowanus and kick you out. And see above about fake posting.

What does it mean, "depending on the offense?"
Exactly what it says - depending on the offense.

Can't you give us an exact definition?

Why not?
It's like pornography. We know it when we see it. Not that we see porn that often...nevermind. You get the point.

Why is nyc_snark a moderated community?
Because despite everything we've previously said about no whining, quality vs. quanity, etc., some people just don't listen.

So, is that it?
For the time being...The Mods reserve the right to amend, revise, supplement, etc. whenever the mood strikes.


(major thanks to wait for her FAQ, which we largely were inspired by).
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